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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  December 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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public. fox 25's jim morelli is live in copley square in boston. you spoke with citizens and mayor walsh about their concerns, jim? >> reporter: i sure did. so apparently what we have in california are terrorists that you don't know are terrorists until it's too late a scary thought well, we found maybe not so much to bostonians. >> it's a crazy world we live in and it's sad that we have to live this way. >> reporter: it may be law enforcement's biggest nightmare. lone wolf terrorists organizing off the grid. >> someone operating out of their basement it's very hard to detect. >> reporter: tonight boston a city scarred by homegrown terrorism absorbed the news that the f.b.i. is now investigating the california mass shooting as an act of terror. one made all the more terrifying given the accused shooters were onto anyone's radar. >> does it scare you that there might be others out there? >> there's others everywhere. they could be anywhere from little kids up to whatever age. >> reporter: but in copley square three weeks before
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usual and then some. as shoppers, students and tardy commuters carried on with a measure of practicality and defiance. crowds. i like the attention. >> being fearful and hiding more power. >> reporter: while there may be little fear of an actual concerns. >> terrorism and islam are two completely different things, two different ideologies you know what i mean. terrorism. bostonians expressed concern for the victims. >> loss of life is sad and you need to respect that. cautionary advice. >> it's people paying attention watching what's going on around their surroundings they have continue to do that. >> reporter: and drew a line in the sand of freedom. >> they will stop you from you doing what you do? >> no, not at all. i'm not scared. report now on a plaque call level commissioner evans tell us us that boston police have trained intensively for shooting situations and he says that intelligence will still play a big role in thwarting
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live in copley square, jim morelli, fox 25 news. stay with fox 25 and for continuing coverage as the shooting investigation. the fox 25 morning news weekend edition will have more starting at 6:00 a.m. tom tomorrow. developing tonight fox 25 has learned that aaron hernandez has been caught with a knife or shank in the former new england patriot is serving a life sentence at the correction center in shirley for the murder of odin lloyd. he was put in a segregation unit and taken out of general population. hernandez is set to go on trial in boston for a double murder in january. northeastern university has issued an alert formation tun. 21-year-old dennis was last seen six days ago. he's about 5'7" with black hair and very thin build he was known to wear timberland the boots, olive green jacket and plain black cap. this suspect accused of causing chaos in boston today. allegedly left a suitcase that looked like a bomb behind a homeland security
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fox 25's john monahan is live in boston. john the suspect is known to police? >> reporter: that's right, mark. police say they have arrested him before and that he has a history of mental illness. that suitcase was made to look like a bomb. inside were wires and some type of power source. tonight fox 25 obtained these pictures that showed the arrest of that suspect being taken down at gunpoint in lawrence this afternoon. tonight that man is back in boston and back in jail. the suspect walked out in handcuffs and was not answer our questions. his reply unintelligible. as 50-year-old james was placed into a boston police transfer wagon and taken back to the city he's accused of putting on edge in the middle of a busy friday. >> pretty scary to know that it happened like right by where you work. >> reporter: police have charged him with planting a hoax device right by the tire of a homeland security vehicle.
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saw him alerting other officers then this area along atlantic avenue in the heart of the financial district was evacuated. the bomb squad called in detonating the suitcase we now know was a hoax. >> we heard it. it was pretty loud. again that's still unsettling for a lot of people especially with the marathon event that happened a couple years ago. >> reporter: a source tells fox 25 tonight he took a selfie while placing that suitcase behind the vehicle's tires. then he took off. >> it looked like he left it there more on purpose and just walked quickly up. >> reporter: about three ooch 30 he was found 25 miles north in lawrence after surveillance pictures were released. >> maybe about five or 10 minutes later we received a 9-1-1 call that someone had seen the subject in the area. >> reporter: moments later 10 year lawrence police veteran harold rogers the spotted him. >> i took him into custody at gunpoint.
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in jail over the weekend and will be arraigned on monday morning here in boston. we're live in boston tonight, john monahan, fox 25 news. the weekend is upon us and after some cold days this week a warmup is on the way. storm tracker weather chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here now with what will happen this week. kevin? >> it sounds so warm to talk about 50s. fweas five to eight degrees above average which is significant knot doubt but not unheard of in december. after all the records you they hit up to 70 degrees to find those. clearing skies out there tonight. much of it expected when we have clearing skies and the winds starting to diminish. your temperature also drop significantly west in your now. bottom of your screen that's 32 that is at medfield. marlboro at 38 . up to the northwest around lowell 37 chelmsford and new hampshire also at 30 degrees. 29 and freezing cold in temple. fitchburg is at 30 degrees
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the last hour. probably bedford at 29 that's just outside of manchester which is still 37 right now but look at new boston at 31 and londonderry both at 30 degrees. there's some cold temperatures out there. in worcester tonight the city will be dropping down close to freezing. suburbs of will be in the upper 20s tonight. boston into the 30s tonight and dropping into the mid-30s anyway in the suburbs down near freezing going to the 40s by 11:00 a.m. headed for the 50s in the afternoon. ipswich same thing for you. away from the coastline right around freezing going up into the mid-40s by 11:00 in the morning. you are waking up to sunshine future cast shows that you here. right to the middle of the day look at this it's being sunny in fact right you through the afternoon into the evening hours as the sun goes down there won't be any clouds in the sky. a clear night tomorrow night promises another cold start on sunday. but even warmer temperatures. i'll show you those and a forecast the kickoff of the patriots game on sunday. >> we'll see you soon. in brockton a 15-year-old student is accused of hacking into the facebook account of another
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that threat indicated the student and his cousins were going to plant three bombs at brockton high school then shoot up the school. police were alerted by concerned parents. this was the fifth bomb threat at brockton high in the last eight months. >> the woman found burning in a car in worcester has been identified. the d.a.'s office tonight telling fox 25 that marie martin's body was found inside this car on november 4th. she 35 years cold and from webster. thomas hogan has been arrested in the case accused of misleading investigators. prosecutors say hogan is a mistake in martin's death. state fire investigators are asking for video that started in lynn. that fire in an apartment building killed four people and injured two others early friday morning. investigators say the fire was so intense when they arrived they had no chance. my mom heard the fire alarm. when she went to open like the door smoke came in. >> nearly a dozen residents
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a man is dead after a fire destroyed part of an apartment home in concord, new hampshire, early this morning. the fire started around 3:00 on rumford street. firefighters say it began on the first floor. they were able to get 10 people out of building that but say an elderly man on the first floor died in the fire. tonight the exact cause is still under investigation. the red cross is hoping to house those 10 people who were displaced. price will make $217 million over those seven years. today he spokes about why he came to boston besides all that money of course. >> this is the place has winning in their blood and not just with you know not just with the red sox you know, obviously with what the patriots are capable of doing the bruins, this is a place that wins and this is a place that expects to win. that's what i want to be apart of. i'm excited. >> price will wear the number 24 next season
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jim rice's number 14 was his traditional number. a new hampshire flight attendant is being allowed to go back home after allegedly causing a huge scene on an overseas flight. a north carolina news station reports a judge is allowing jo ann snow to go back to new hampshire to a mental health facility but she's not snow is accused of slapping a flight attendant and kick an air marshal last week. she also allegedly tried town lock the plane's door while it. taxiing to the gate. new at 11:00 a suspect is in custody tonight responsible for two robberies in the last month. the robberies happened at two banks one at stoneham at eastern bank. the other in quincy at south shore bank. 38-year-old john of saugus was arrested today by stoneham police after using a combination of fingerprints and surveillance video to identify the suspects. his image was then compared to a 2010 saugus arrest mug shot. he will be arraigned on monday. in louden, new hampshire,
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identifying this robbery suspect you can see here in this total a gun on a teller. police say the man is in his 20s about 5'7", and 150 call new hampshire state police if you can identified boston's attempt to block the everett casino. as fox 25 has been reporting lawyers for the city say the casino will cause huge traffic issues. mayor marty walsh saying that the city will continue to fight the project but didn't use the words appeal. >> the city has already spent a million dollars at what point does this become a waste of taxpayer money? >> i don't look at this as a waste of taxpayers money. it's money that's being used to represent the people of this city and that's what my job as mayor is to do. >> wynn entertainment testimonies fox 25 they are pleased with the ruling. skies clearing up and temperatures dropping tonight below freezing at least away from the water.
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in store tomorrow and a look ahead to the forecast for that patriots kickoff. a local father dies in being the accident. up next the one thing his daughter wants the world to know about her dad. and six months paid time off for new mothers and similar perks for the men. the company that's prov catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. >> a manhunt is underway tonight for two new suspects in with two deadly paris attacks.
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i.d.s and one of those i.d.s was used to rent a house in belgium that may have been used for making bombs for the november attacks. the other man used his i.d. to transfer money to a cousin of the suspected mastermind. a local woman is dealing with a sudden and unexpected loss of her father. he died when the fishing boat he was on sank off of the coast of gloucester about 12 miles off of stature island. fox 25's erica richie spoke with his heartbroken daughter who wants to make sure everyone knows one thing about her father. >> this had to be a dream this couldn't be happening. >> reporter: those were the thoughts running through her mind nearly 24 hours ago when she the got the call telling her her father 46-year-old david southerland didn't make it home from gloucester from his fishing trip. >> my father is my everything. >> david or heavy d is the life of the party his daughter says.
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fishermen this was his life. >> his job was his life. his boat was his fourth baby. >> reporter: the orange sea it was called it broke down yesterday about 12 miles off the coast of gloucester. in the middle of strong winds and high seas. a bad combination, according to local fishermen. >> engine trouble in bad weather. if the boat stops there's not much you can do. you can't control the boat. >> reporter: a good samaritan vessel tried to tow it, the coast guard did too but the weather was just too hostile and the orange sea was taking on too much water. the three crew members had to abandon ship and when their captain heavy d was pulled from the water he was unresponsive. >> i just want to let everybody know he was a hero. he got his other crew members off the boat before he even thought about getting off the boat. so that was the type of person my father was. >> reporter: i'm told by
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southerland was well respected among his peers, captain. his other two crew members are expected to be okay. a medical examiner will now died. in gloucester, erica richie, fox 25 news. family and friends saying their final good-byes today to a police officer shot and killed during an attack at a planned parenthood clinic. a funeral was held today for officer garrett swayze in colorado. swayze was a melbourne native and one of craze swayze's colleagues talked about his boston ties during the ceremony today. >> he was boston strong and thank god that he came to colorado springs and became colorado springs strong. last friday, he showed us that strength and his devotion devotion to his community. >> swayze was one of three people killed last week when 57-year-old robert lewis dear allegedly opened fire outside of a colorado planned parenthood parent -- facility. getting dozens of bags
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police say this man 47-year-old thomas cormier was observed in drug activity. cormier had 32 bags of heroin on him when they arrested him and found more heroin as well as packaging materials in his home. cormier was held on $5,000 bail. ebay joins a growing number of companies offering increased parental leave to employees. the company will offer new moms 24 weeks of leave at full pay. you new dads will be able to get 12 weeks of parental leave all at full pay. these new benefits go into effect in 2015 and apply to all hourly and salaried employees who work at least 20 hours a week. clouds are taking over all the way down to cape cod earlier but notice how tonight. when that happens temperatures tend to drop and they are certainly doing that. norwood airport 27 degrees tends to be a colder spot on the map it certainly is tonight. 28 in orange, 29 in nashua.
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find 40 in portsmouth, 44 boston, and huge spread in temperatures across southern and central new england right now under those clearing skies. first thing in the morning you are waking up to sunshine pretty much north and south across new england. a few spots for those clouds especially back here to the berkshires and northern connecticut river valley. all of that going away during the day tomorrow. through the day a sunny day for just about everyone. takes you all the way to 5:30 at future cast showing that sunshine and clear skies tomorrow night as well. right into early sunday morning. low temperatures are going to figure to be in the 20s and into the 30s most locations boston staying above freezing and providencetown staying above 40 for a low temperature overnight. how about the highs tomorrow this is nice. if you like it to be mild in december. if you are looking for a snowstorm not so nice. 50 in topsfield and in lynn. slide on over to the worst county area 49 in worcester, 51 tomorrow afternoon.
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get up into the low 50s. natick at 52 . boston 52 tomorrow afternoon. and now here in cape cod and the island temperatures will be right around 50 . barnstable 51 . chatham at 47 and wellesley at 49 . you get the idea. generally above average tomorrow. the average temperatures about 45 in boston couple degrees cooler on thrut in worcester for the date tomorrow. we'll be above those no matter what you do. future cast shows that it's sunny when you wake up sunday morning, too. this sun lasts through the day sunday as well. takes you right into the evening hours right in the middle of the football game at 5:30. now kickoff is at 4:25. it will already be dark but it will be clear it will be mild. high temperatures in the mid-50s. 50 in foxborough at 4:25 at kickoff just a light southwesterly breeze. this is your weekend in view as always 51 saturday and and 54 sound for your high temperatures.
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long. now your seven day forecast including that weekend in view shows the potential for some stormy weather coming up particularly middle of next week. on tuesday there's some rain that will be just offshore with the storm system coming on by. a second one threatens for thursday of course this is going down the road with our computer models though. so we'll have to see if this actually develops. two storm systems that we will be developing after what figures to be a beautiful weekend overall. so cold morning mild afternoon have yourself a great weekend. by the way, if you're not doing much tomorrow make sure you swing by jordan's furniture in reading. we'll be there collecting coats from 10:00 to 2:00. coming up next in sports i'll show you exactly what $217 million will get you. plus, the bs go against
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see if they're curr leah: i just was thinking any minute could be the minute. and the minutes kept passing. we both kind of relaxed and thought, "she'll come when she's ready." [ grunting ] woman: it's a girl! leah: and she did. woman: a big girl! [ olivia crying ]
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while david price wants red sox fans to know he's a cool guy who likes positivity around a man he loves to smile. you give me $217 million and i will never ever frown or you can give me that one-on-one with butch stearns. >> i want to be apart of this community, i want to know these fans, i want to be around them. i'm not going to shy away from that one bit. whether it's going good or whether it's going bad. i'm still in a position to help change lives. >> what does the money
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mean $217 million is a ridiculous amount of money for any individual but what does the money represent to you? >> it's just money. that's not what drives me in the game of baseball or in life. that's something i guess that comes it with. that's the way that i view it. i want to whether it's going good or whether it's going bad i want to stay the same person. i want to be able to help people out. like you said i feel like there's two types of people in this world there's drains and there's faucetis and want to be a faucet that's an energy giver and that's what i want to do. right now things are going right for price. win cy young back in 2012. his fenway is the lowest he's been great with a 49-21 record. now price' $217 million contract was the highest for
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million 34.3 million a year while price's depreciated deal is now just $31 million a year. just. now no gronk, hopefully no problem. brady and money man danny amendola should return and defensively dante hightower and collins are back. finally. >> i mean i was sick. bad unstomach. nobody wants to sit out. it's fun. it's really hard. it's boring sitting out. don't nobody wants to miss any games. it feels really good. >> we welcome you back. if you want to watch the eagles and patriots why would you not want to you have to watch it on fox 25 sunday kickoff is at 4:25. some people might be watching the jets. the bruins taking on former teammate dougy hamilton and the flames. the bruins would go down in the game 2-0 but they come
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thing up in two. then less than a minute later calgary already made it. three goals in less than one minute between the two teams. right you now the game is tied at three in the third period and the celtics back in action on saturday in san antonio plus, all the super bowls at gillette you know the high school football games that i like to watch. we'll have all those highlights tomorrow at 6:00 and later at 11:30. you missed a lot of my high school football action. these guys they got shots out all the time. >> weekly. >> you you have to give us some shoutouts coming up. >> let's get all the cheerleaders back. >> salman we're going salmon fishing some day. >> look at those temperatures 50s brian you said that the game was 4:25 kickoff be about 50 and clear. the sun goes down just after 4:00 so it will still be dark at 4:25 but a mild evening and a real nice looking weekend but co
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